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Pre2006 Reviews – N and O

Naidoo, Beverly Web of Lies, 242 p. – Femi and his sister are waiting for England’s refugee services to process their father’s request for asylum. Meanwhile the children are going to school and trying to keep things together throughout the long ordeal. Then one day Femi attracts the attention of a gang leader and slowly he gets drawn in to that world, telling his family more and more lies, endangering their lives and endangering their chances of staying in the UK. Ms. Naidoo does a great job of building the tension in this sequel to The Other Side of Truth. A worthy, if not superior, successor. MS-ESSENTIAL. Cindy, Library Teacher


Namioka, Lensey Half and Half – Fiona is half Chinese, half Scottish, and doesn’t know how she can please both sets of grandparents. MS – OPTIONAL. Cindy, Library Teacher


Napoli, Donna Breath – A bizarre retelling of “The Pied Piper”, involving a young boy with cystic fibrosis and the effects of ergot poisoning. NO. Cindy, Library Teacher


Napoli, Donna Jo Bound, 186 p. – Xing Xing’s father died and left her at the mercy of her step-mother and half-sister Wei Ping, whose feet have been bound to make her more desirable as a bride. Xing Xing finds companionship in a beautiful carp that inhabits her part of the river, but she knows that things must change unless she is going to spend the rest of her life bound herself to this small family as a slave. Though this isn’t quite the epic, essential Cinderella story that it is billed as. It is still well worth adding to your collection. And yes, there is a prince involved. MS. HS – ADVISABLE. Cindy, Library Teacher


Napoli, Donna Jo Gracie: The Pixie of the Puddle 133 p. – Third in the series. Gracie knows that Jimmy is special – one of the “fawgs” in the pond – and that he disappeared last summer for a time. She doesn’t believe that Jimmy was turned into a person, but she still likes him a lot. When Jimmy goes back to the palace to find a way to defeat the evil hag, Gracie follows along. Okay – I don’t understand why Jimmy has a lisp, but I can go with that. A good book to add to a fairy tale collection. El, MS – ADVISABLE. Cindy, Library Teacher


Napoli, Donna Jo Hush: An Irish Princess’ Tale, 308 p. Atheneum (Simon), 2007. Melkorka is a spoiled princess, daughter of an Irish king. Then one day she and her little sister are kidnapped by raiders and taken off on their boat to be sold as slaves. Though her sister escapes, Melkorka remains and her only power is her silence. Though this is not a fairy tale, it feels like one. This is a serious piece of historical fiction that doesn’t quite rise to the status or beloved or must read. Best for large libraries with students who adore historical fiction. MS – OPTIONAL


Napoli, Donna Jo Ugly, 186 p. – Little Ugly feels left out of his family of ducks. His mother loves him dearly, but can’t protect him from the assaults of the other ducks on the pond. Following his mother’s advice, he heads north in search of a friend. He meets an interesting cast of characters on his search to find himself. This is a cute book really meant for a young audience. A great choice for someone who wants to read an expanded version of the Ugly Duckling folktale. EL-ADVISABLE. Cindy, Library Teacher


Nathan, Amy Meet the Dancers. pg. 216; Henry Holt and Company. Language-G, Sexual Content-G, Violence-G. NON-FICTION. In this book you learn about famous dancers. You learn about where they dance what they dance and where they started dancing. Any dancer interested in becoming a professional dancer will love this book. I thought that this book was a really good non-fiction book. It was well written and I would love to add it to my personal collection. HS, MS – ADVISABLE. Student Reviewer: MP.


Nature’s Fury: Wild Weather and Natural Disasters, 128 p. Time Inc., 2008. Earthquakes, hurricanes, lightning, tornadoes, volcanoes – and other examples of nature’s danger – are illustrated in full-color and spectacular photographs. While there is a bit of explanation about the science behind the phenomena, it more about the physical, monetary and human cost of various well-known disasters around the world and through the ages. This could be termed a coffee table book, but it wuill definitely catch the eye of kids looking to do a report for their science class. Just keep an eye on the pictures, because they are too good to resist. I wouldn’t recommend this for elementary students, because of the stark human toll in some of the pictures. MS, HS – ESSENTIAL. Reviewer: Cindy, Library-Teacher


Nau, Thomas Walker Evans: Photographer of America, 59 p. Roaring Brook, 2007. During the Great Depression, Walker Evans made a name for himself as a photographer of the people. He spent his time looking at how people were living and taking as true pictures as he could of their lives. His pictures of tenement farmers during the Dust Bowl era made his name. If someone in your school teaches Out of the Dust, you need this book. EL, MS – ADVISABLE


Naylor, Phyllis Keynolds Almost Alice, 272 pgs. Atheneum (Simon), 2008. Language-PG-13 (many deity related words), Sexual Content-R (Described sex); Violence-G; Alice is a girl in High School. She is trying to figure out what is going on with her friends when her old crush, Patrick, calls and asks her to his senior prom with him. She has to decide weather or not to go with him to the prom and is also trying to figure out her friends and what she means to them. I did not like this book and I did not finish it. I didn’t like it because it described sex and said many deity related words. This book did not have a very good plot line so I thought that it wasn’t very interesting. HS-NO. Student Reviewer: MB.


Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds Dangerously Alice, 294, Atheneum, Language – G, Sexual Content – R, Violence – G, Review – As soon as Alice hears that she’s been labeled DD(dry as dust) and GTS(goody two shoes) she begins to live on the dangerous side. It all starts when she dates an experienced senior named Tony. Nothing can satisfy her urge to rebel. She soon gets lost in it all and begins to realize that everything she does pushes her father away from her family and friends. I was disappointed in this novel. I had high hopes for it but it ended up not being worth the read. MS – NO. Student Reviewer: AA


Neale, Jonathan Himalaya 153 p. – In order to reconnect with his children, Dad takes Jack, Orrie and Andy on a climbing trip near Mount Everest. No one notices when Jack gets ill from altitude sickness. And when the men leave Andy and the “girls” behind, Orrie takes off after them. Of course they all get stuck in a snow storm, are in danger for their lives and can only make it out with their own brute strength, determination and a little Deus ex machina at the final moment. Jack’s altitude sickness induced hallucinations are sexy enough that I don’t have to pan this book just for bad writing, but also for unnecessary sexual references. NO. Cindy, Library Teacher


Neale, Jonathan Himalaya 153 p. – In order to reconnect with his children, Dad takes Jack, Orrie and Andy on a climbing trip near Mount Everest. No one notices when Jack gets ill from altitude sickness. And when the men leave Andy and the “girls” behind, Orrie takes off after them. Of course they all get stuck in a snow storm, are in danger for their lives and can only make it out with their own brute strength, determination and a little Deus ex machina at the final moment. Jack’s altitude sickness induced hallucinations are sexy enough that I don’t have to pan this book just for bad writing, but also for unnecessary sexual references. NO. Cindy, Library Teacher


Nedwick, John Ducks Don’t Wear Socks, illustrated by Lee White. Viking (Penguin), 2008. PICTURE BOOK. Little Emily is a very serious girl, until she starts seeing a duck who does very un-duck-like, crazy things. Then, while Emily tries to change Duck, Duck may just change her, instead. This crazy picture book is just whacky enough that younger readers will have a kick. But – it would also be great for a Teacher Advisory class to talk about why we are so uncomfortable with people who are different from us. EL, MS – ADVISABLE


Nelson, Blake Rock Star, Superstar 229 p. – Pete is always trying to find a great band to be a part of. When his best friend Kevin hooks him up with the Carlisle brothers, they find that they may be on to something. Along the way Pete finds a girlfriend, has sex and learns about rejection. The boy version of “Pop Princess”. I didn’t like this one either. NO. Cindy, Library Teacher


Nelson, D.A. Dark Isle, 260 pgs. Delacorte Press. Language-G, Sexual Content- G; Violence- G; Morag meets Aldiss, a talking rat, and Bertie, the dodo bird. Upon meeting them, she dives head in to a magical quest to help defeat the evil magicion, Develish, and save Aldiss and Bertie’s home town. I thought that this was a very good book. The author did a very good job of coming up with very creative characters and an even more creative plot line. This book kept me very interested and wanting to know more. This book was a lot of fun to read. ES,MS-ESSENTIAL. Student Reviewer: MB


Nelson, R.A. Teach Me, 264 p. – Carolina has an affair with her English teacher up until the day of his wedding. Afterwards she falls apart and reconnects with her best friend, who eventually tries to help her find a way to get revenge. I had such high hopes for this book – I was even looking past the various swear words because it was so well done. I couldn’t overlook the only sex scene – with talk of talking off each other’s clothing and touching parts, I thought I might be able to recommend it for high schools. But, the last 60 or so pages are just disappointing. Instead ending as it should, with the teacher really getting what he deserved, instead, as soon as she finds out the teacher’s new wife is pregnant, “Nine” just caves, shuts her mouth and whimpers away. SO, all of that considered, I am going to give this a NO. Cindy, Library Teacher


Newbery, Linda Sisterland, 370 p. – In the present day, Hilly is dealing with a grandmother with Alzheimer’s and an out-of-control younger sister. In the past, we learn of Heidigran’s true origins, as a Jewish child who was evacuated from Germany just before WWII. With various side notes and subplots that do not distract from the main narrative, the book is complicated and mature. Some sex talk between Hilly and her sister up the age level of the book. HS only-ADVISABLE. Cindy, Library Teacher


Newman, Leslea The Boy Who Cried Fabulous, illustrations by Peter Ferguson. PICTURE BOOK. Tricycle Press, 2004. When Roger wants to express delight, the only word he uses is “fabulous”, and he uses it frequently, without discriminating. His parents forbid the tiresome word and Roger is stuck, until he finds inspiration for a new expression. Even high school Language Arts teachers can a find this book easy to use and quick to point out to students the need for a broader vocabulary. EL, MS, HS – ADVISABLE


Nicholson, William Jango 416 p. Harcourt Books – Language: PG (some scattered swearing), Sexual Content: G, Violence: PG – These people call themselves the Noble Warriors. They are the peacemakers of their world. They worship this god called the All and Only. Seeker (the protagonist) is a novice who, in his final test, finds out that he is the chosen one, or the one with unlimited power. There have been prophecies that the chosen one would be sent when the All and Only was in trouble, to protct him. Now if only he could figure out how to exactly DO that. I absolutely loved this book. I read it twice, and it keeps getting better! Even though I got a little lost because this is the second book, it straightned right out. The ending was my favorite, I would recommend this to anyone that is into fantasy! upper EL, MS – ESSENTIAL. Student Reviewer: KH


Nikola-Lish, W. Magic in the Margins illustrated by Bonnie Christensen, PICTURE BOOK Houghton Mifflin – Young Simon, an orphan, has to prove that he has the right stuff before Father Anselm will let him illuminate manuscripts for the monastery. The text of the book is an interesting mini-lesson on the importance of looking at the world with a creative eye, a lesson that would be useful at any level of teaching. The illustrator limited herself to the types of materials used in the middle ages – egg tepera – severly limiting the quality if the illustrations, which, unfortunately, do not inspire the imagination in the same way the original illuminations do. EL – OPTIONAL


Nilsson, Per Seventeen; Pages: 263, Language- R Violence- PG 13, Sexual Content- R. Jonatan is seventeen, has a good girlfriend, and a good mother. His father left when he was very young and Jonatan hasn’t seen him since. Jonatan has always wondered why his father left and has always been sad by it. We first meet Jonatan when he is lying on a Hospital bed with his long gone father by his side. His father begins to tell his unconscious son what he should have told him long ago about his past and how he was as a seventeen year old in the seventies. But one questions still remains, why is Jonatan lying on a Hospital bed in the emergency room? – I did not like this book. There were several times I wanted to pick it up and throw it across the room. This book described way too much. The swearing was way too excessive and I did not like it. HS, NO. Student Reviewer: AN


Nilsson, Per Heart’s Desire – He sees her on a city bus and after many months finally meets her. Months later, he is sitting in his room going through the momentos of his relationship, wondering if the phone will ring before he reaches the end of his remembering or maybe the end of it all. Yes, this book sounds awesome – and it actually is, BUT the bedroom scene is very much descriptive. Translated from the original Swedish. High school librarians should look into this one. HS-READ IT FIRST. Cindy, Library Teacher


Nilsson, Per You and You and You, 301 p. – I will say right off that I did not read all of this book. In fact I read less than 100 pages and then started skipping around to see if I could make any sense of why I should even finish this book. Nope, no sense, nothing that compels me to try again. Instead I found more swearing (three”f” on one page and a whole lot more of a wide variety) and a whole lot of blatant sexual crudeness that I couldn’t connect to a need for the narrative. NO. Cindy, Library Teacher


Nimmo, Jenny Emlyn’s Moon 152 p. Scholastic – Emlyn is a mysterious boy whose mother left with only two words to tell him where she went-the moon. However, a prolonged battle between the Griffiths’ and Emlyn’s family, an inquisitive girl, some extraterrestrial visitors, and some of Gwyn Griffiths’ magic may help Emlyn to set his life back on track, mother and all. This was a very enjoyable book with a different hero than the last book, which gave it some fresh material. As book two of a trilogy, it did a good job of retaining its old characters while adding in new elements to the story. A very good book. EL – ADVISBLE Student Reviewer: CG


Nimmo, Jenny The Chestnut Soldier 203 p. Scholastic – When a mysterious “relative” shows up on the Lloyds’ doorstep, the family and all of Gwyn Griffiths’ quiet little town becomes a hotbed of contention. Gwyn suspects that a cursed wooden horse he lost recently is at the heart of the matter, but with every one of his friends reluctant to believe him, what can he do? This was the best book of the trilogy, in my opinion. The characters are believable and interesting, some new plot twists are introduced, and the storyline pulls you right into the book. One of the best books I have read for a while. MS – ESSENTIAL Student Reviewer: CG


Nimmo, Jenny The Dragon’s Child. pg. 107 Orchard Books. language- G, Sexual Content-G, Violence-G. Dando, a young dragon, is accidentally left behind when his colony moves on. He can’t fly but needs to escape because there are dangerous doggins and humans. he soon finds himself acquainted with a orphaned bird and an orphan girl. I really liked this book it was just below my reading level and to easy for me to read. but it was a good book and it is a great story. ES – ADVISABLE (for elementary school) Student Reviewer- MP

Nimmo, Jenny Griffin’s Castle, 288 p. Scholastic (Nov 2007) – Dinah and her mom have been given a home by her mom’s current boyfriend. Dinah loves the creepy old home and hates the controlling boyfriend, who hates her right back. Dinah unlocks the magic of the castle, finds a grandmotherly figure in the boyfriend’s own mother and makes two friends who are determined to watch out for her, even though she doesn’t really want them. As much as I like Nimmo’s Charlie Bone series, I dislike this book. A reprint from 1994, there are good reasons why it didn’t remain in print – it should have been rewritten instead of being printed as is. I am so glad that Ms. Nimmo has grown as a writer since this book first came out. NO


Nimmo, Jenny The Snow Spider 128 p. Scholastic – When Gwyn’s sister Bethan goes missing in the middle of a ferocious storm, it is up to Gwyn to discover his special talent for magic and bring his sister back to them. But in his desperation, will he end up destroying everything that he loves by using a forbidden magic? This book was more simply written and shorter than some other books, and that is why I have rated it Elementary level interest. It was a good book, and anyone who has read Charlie Bone will enjoy the similarities in storyline and writing. A short, quick and enjoyable read. EL- ADVISABLE Student Reviewer: CG


Nitz, Wolden, Kristin Saving the Griffin, 184 p. Peachtree – Language: G; Sexual Content: G; Violence: G – Prince Eduardo wants to capture the griffin, but Kate and Michael try their best to keep him safe. Kate starts to understand the situation and tries to get help for her big brother; Stephan. She keeps dropping hints but Stephan remains to stay clueless. Kate and Micheal have to get help soon, the griffin’s life depends on it. I have always been a sucker for mytholegy so i enjoyed the whole “griffin” theme, but other than that the story is more for a younger crowd. EL – OPTIONAL. Student Reviewer: TT


Nivola, Claire A. Planting the Trees of Kenya: The Story of Wangari Maathai. Frances Foster (Farrar), 2008. Like Wangari’s Trees of Peace, this book uses a picture book format to follow the 2004 Nobel Peace Prize winner as she works with the women of Kenya to restore their ecosystem which was destroyed in such few, short years. Over the course of 30 years, Wangari and the people of Kenya created a miracle. Both books books are an excellent look at Kenya’s Green Belt Movement and Wangari’s inspiring story. You should splurge and own them both, as they can be used in a World Cultures class or Environmental Studies. EL, MS, HS – ESSENTIAL. Cindy, Library-Teacher.


Nix, Garth Keys to the Kingdom: Mister Monday; AND Keys to the Kingdom: Grim Tuesday – If you have Nix’s Seventh Tower series, you will want this too. A seven book series about Arthur Penhalion, a boy rescued from a severe asthma attack, who must now battle a series of eveil guardians for the seven keys which will return control of “The House” (of the world) to a true descendant of the Architect. MS – ADVISABLE. Cindy, Library Teacher


Nix, Garth Drowned Wednesday, 385 p. – Third in the Keys to the Kingdom series. Arthur is in the hospital after yesterday’s encounter with Grim Tuesday. Suddenly, the wall of his hospital turns into a roaring ocean and he and his friend Lily are swept out to sea. Leaf is rescued by a boat, but Arthur is left to drift through the vast Borde Sea, awash with pirates, treasure and a leviathan. Best so far of the series for me. The story is starting to make more sense. The awit for number four will be agonizing! EL, MS – ESSENTIAL. Cindy, Library Teacher


Nix, Garth Lady Friday 320 p. Scholastic – Release: March 2007 – Arthur and Leaf must work separately in order to find the fifth Key to the Kingdom, the fifth part of the Will and defeat Lady Friday, before time runs out. This long-awaited installment in the Keys to the Kingdom series will not disappoint fans of Nix. Though the beginning is a little rough, once Arthur and Leaf head off on their adventures through the Middle House the action flows quickly and smoothly to a climatic finish. Nix is able to find new, exciting parts of the house, such as the river that runs uphill and paper wings that anyone can easily don and use. EL, MS – ESSENTIAL. Cindy, Library Teacher


Nix, Garth Sir Thursday, 348 p. – #4 of the Keys to the Kingdom series. Release: March 2006. Put this one on your list to buy as soon as it comes out in March. And if you don’t have the rest of the series, get it now, whether EL or MS. When Arthur tries to return to his normal world, he discovers that someone has sent out a Nithling in his place, so that he cannot return. While in discussions with the Will and his supporters, Arthur is drafted into the Kingdom army and even gets his mind wiped as he is thrown into a desperate battle for the center of the kingdom. Only by retrieving the key and releasing the will from the grasp of Sir Thursday can Arthur save the day. EL, MS – ESSENTIAL. Cindy, Library Teacher


Noel, Alyson Cruel Summer, 229. St. Martin’s. Language-PG; Sexual Content-PG; Violence-G; 17-year-old Colby Catherine is sent to Greece to live with her aunt while her parents are working out their recent divorce. The author is very good at description and capturing the teenage mind. She has a very interesting style of writing which really caught my attention when I first looked at the book. I kind of lost interest in the middle, but she did a very good job at getting my attention back. M.S., H.S.-OPTIONAL. Student Reviewer- AR


Noel, Alyson Saving Zoe, 230 pgs. St. Martin’s Griffin. Language-R (about 5 uses of the “f” word, not counting “f”s, it would be PG-13); Sexual Content-PG; Violence-G; Echo’s older sister, Zoe was murdered about a year ago. When Zoe’s old boyfriend gives Echo Zoe’s journal, she finds out the truth behind her sister’s life. It was very gripping, and had me from the first page to the last. It was very well written and while reading parts of Zoe’s journal, a story is also taking place in Echo’s life. There was quite a bit of drug and alcohol usage, so you may have to watch out for that. HS-ESSENTIAL Student Reviewer-KD


Noyes, Deborah Red Butterfly: How a Princess Smuggled the Secret of Silk out of China, illustrated by Sophie Blackall PICTURE BOOK Candlewick, 2007. A girl is sent to marry a prince in a desert country. Her yearning for something of home prompts her to smuggle silk worms and mulberry leaves out with her, so that in her new home she can still have her beloved silk. While the beauties of her country and the beauties of silk are well-expressed in the beautiful illustrations, the actual act of defiance is given a short shift and the abrupt ending drops the story dead. The historical explanation helps a bit and if your class is doing a project involving silk worms, then this title would be a useful additional to the library. EL – OPTIONAL


Nye, Naomi Going, Going, 231 p. – For her birthday this year Florrie makes a wish that no one in her family will patronize a chain store of any kind for a month. With a little grumbling her family agrees and Florrie takes the campaign to her friends and the community. Florrie and her friends perform some amusing antics as they try to get the word out, but I was disappointed by the end because nothing really happens and nobody changes. Though the book is a fine read, it is missing that important piece of a great novel where some sort of fundamental change takes place in a character’s life. MS – OPTIONAL. Cindy, Library Teacher


O’Connel, Rebecca Penina Levine is a Hard-Boiled Egg, 164 p. Roaring Brook Press – The day her new teacher insists that Jewish Penina write an “Easter Bunny” letter to a younger student is the day that she puts her foot down and causes a lot of trouble for herself. And getting in trouble at home with the help of her bratty little sister doesn’t make matters any better. A trip to Grandma’s for Seder helps a bit, until Penina’s parents break her trust. I had a hard time understanding this book, manly because I don’t understand Penina. She seems to be angry just for the sake of being angry – her actions don’t make sense, so I can’t make sense of her. EL-OPTIONAL


O’Connell, Tyne Pulling Princes, 214 p. – American Calypso and her best friens Star are rooming this term with Georgiana, one of the queens of the St. Augustine’s boarding school scene. Calypso has plans, though, to show that she’s not just a girl with a terrible accent. When she attracts the attention of the second son of the King of England, Calypso also attracts the ire of the other boarding school queen. Full of “pulling” (makeout) talk, Body Shop bottles (vodka) and just a whole bunch of inanity, I didn’t find much in this one to recommend it to a school. (Though I must admit I am a bit curious to read the sequal to see how Calypso and the Prince get along after all of the misunderstandings). NO or OPTIONAL if you need some fluff . Cindy, Library Teacher


O’ Conner, Patricia T. Woe is I Jr.: The Younger Grammarphobe’s Guide to Better English, 152p. Putnam- Language: G, Sexual Content: G, Violence: G- Woe is I Jr. is the shorter version of Woe is I. It teaches grammar to any age in this new Jr. version. Instead of sounding like your boring Engilsh teacher droning on about something; ir adds comedy to you want to learn grammar. An English teacher’s best friend when trying to teach a boring concept. What usually is taught with a boring lesson and you just can’t remember what your teacher said; Woe is I Jr. is a memorable and hilarious lesson. It adds spice to the usually boring subject of English and grammar. EL, MS, HS- ESSENTIAL. Student Reviewer: CW


O’Connor, Barbara Fame and Glory in Freedom, Georgia 104 p. – Bird is determined to finally make a friend and win the state spelling bee. Harlem, the new boy in town, agrees to be her partner, but he has problems of his own. Bird learns much about what it means to be a good friend. EL – ADVISABLE, MS – OPTIONAL. Cindy, Library Teacher


O’Connor, Barbara How to Steal a Dog, 170 p. Farrar, Straus, Giroux – Since her daddy left, Georgina, her mother and her little brother have been living in their car. Desperate to make enough money to get into a house or apartment, Georgina recruits her brother to help her steal someone’s beloved dog and then wait to collect the reward money. She doesn’t realize, however, that emotionally it will be more difficult than she thought. A fairly mild book that does a good job of that desperate life on the streets.. EL – OPTIONAL


O’Connor, Barbara Taking Care of Moses 134 p. – A baby is left on the steps of the neighborhood church and the town is divided as to whom should take care of her, the wife of the preacher or the licensed foster care mother. Randall knows who the mother of the baby is, but he tells, then he might get poor Mrs. Avery in trouble for other reasons. EL – OPTIONAL. Cindy, Library Teacher


O’Dell, Kathleen Agnes Parker…Keeping Cool in Middle School, 160 pgs. Dial Books for Young Readers. Language-PG, Sexual Content-G; Violence- G; Agnes is trying to keep low in middle school, but how can she when her best friend is running for class president? The quiet Agnes is going to have to come out of her shell. This was an easy book to relate to. Going into middle school was very scary for me too and it can totally understand what she is going through although I am glad that I didn’t have to go through everything that she did. This book needs to be in every Middle School library for all of us scared seventh graders. MS-ESSENTIAL. Student Reviewer: KD


O’Malley, Kevin Gimmee Cracked Corn and I Will Share. PICTURE BOOK. Walker (Holtzbrinck), 2007. Chicken has dreams of a treasure of cracked corn and along with his friend George, he sets out in search of the bounty, which he finds, eventually, in his own backyard. Full of outrageous puns and twists on familiar jokes and sayings, this book is a “crack-up” from start to finish. Young students will appreciate the “corny” jokes, while parents will appreciate Mr. O’Malley’s new take on the old. EL – ESSENTIAL


O’Neill, Alexis The Worst Best Friend, illustrated by Laura Huliska-Beith. Scholastic, September 2008. Mike and Conrad were best friends, doing everything together, until a new kid, Victok, comes to school and Conrad is fascinated by all the cool things Victor brags about and leaves Mike in the dust. When it comes time to pick teams for kickball, however, Victor passes Conrad up for bigger, tougher kids and its up to Mike to show Conrad that he still cares. Aaahh – popularity and friendship – that never-ending quicksand pit of the school social game. Teachers can use this book to easily make a point. EL – ADVISABLE. Cindy, Library-Teacher.


Oates, Joyce Carol Sexy, 263 p. – Full of the ‘F-word” and sex talk, this book is inappropriate for any Utah school. NO. Cindy, Library Teacher


Odom, Mel The Destroyer of Books, 381 p. – Wick has been the Grandmagister of the the Vault of All Known Knowledge for many years now. His chosen replacement, Juhg, left the library to wander the world, but returned to the library after he rescued a book from a wizard. When Wick and Juhg attempt to decipher the book, they open a portal into a dangerous world full of beings whose only desire is to destroy every book on the island. Second in the series. Good for a collection that contains lot of fantasy, especially if you have the first book. MS, HS – ADVISABLE. Cindy, Library Teacher


Ogden, Charles Edger and Ellen: Nod’s Limbs, 210 p. – Aladdin (Simon and Schuster) Language: G; Sexual Content: G; Violence: G – Edger and ellen are trying to prevent their house from being demolished when the restof the town finds the will of Augustus Nod. It sends them and the rest of the town on a treasure hunt to find the limbs of their town’s founder’s statue. I liked this book but it is more for a younger grade than middle school students. EL – OPTIONAL. Student Reviewer: RV


Ogden, Charles High Wire, 189. Aladdin. Language – G, Sexual Content – G; Violence -PG; This book is about two twins Edgar and Ellen. They are trying to escape people who they think are trying to kill them. They try to join the circus. What they don’t realize is that it could lead them in more danger. This book was part of a series. It was good and clean. EL-OPTIONAL Student Reviewer


Ogden, Charles Rare Beasts 110 p. , Tourist Trap 150 p. , Under Town 140 p. – Twins Edgar and Ellen are so repellant that their parents went on a world tour years ago and haven’t been seen since. To occupy their days, the twins harass each other all around their unkempt mansion and terrorize the town with such schemes as stealing all of the town pets, dressing them up as exotic animals and reselling them back to the “unsuspecting” town folk. Or when their favorite junkyard/cemetery is threatened by an incoming hotel development, the twins hijack the tour designed to bring publicity to the town. Nasty little main characters reminiscent of the first Artemis Fowl book, with gothic setting. Easy reading and huge leaps of faith over the plot holes, but still fun and macabre. EL, MS – ADVISABLE. Cindy, Library Teacher


Ogilvy, Ian Measle and the Wrathmonk 210 p. – One day Measle angers his guardian and is turned a ½” high and placed on an elaborate model train tableaux. There he finds other figures who have been shrunk and then frozen in a plastic state. Together, the little ones must find a way to turn the curse back onto the guardian. A great campy novel full of adventure and clever thinking. EL, MS – ESSENTIAL. Cindy, Library Teacher


Okrafor-Mbachu, Nnedi Zarah the Windseeker. pg 308,Graphia. Language-G, Sexual Content-G, Violence-G. When Zarahs best friend who actually treats her normal(unlike other kids who think she is weird because she is dada)is bitten by a War Snake when they are in the jungle. The only antidote to Dari’s coma is an Elgort egg. She has to go into the Forbidden Greeny Jungle alone. Little does she know what dangers await her. I loved this book and couldn’t set it down. I will add this book to my collection and would gladly read it again and again. ES, MS, HS – ADVISABLE. Student Reviewer- MP


Olsen, Sylvia Yellow Line, 107 p. – Everything in Vince’s town is divided by an invisible line – whites on one side, Indians on the other. Then, an unlikely pair start dating and everything gets shaken up until the town is no longer recognizable. Part of OrcaSoundings – definitely for older readers. Two boys brag about a “conquest” they didn’t actually have; there is under-aged drinking and some marijuana use. A short book that is good for older reluctant readers. HS-ADVISABLE. Cindy, Library Teacher


Oppel, Kenneth Airborn – Matt Cruse has worked on an airship since his father died three years ago. Born on an airship, flying is in his blood. This voyage is more exciting than most as Matt gets entangled with air pirates ans a young girl who is in search of the new species of animal which lives their entire life in the air, which her grandfather discovered and investigated before he died. MS, HS-ESSENTIAL. Cindy, Library Teacher


Oppel, Kenneth Darkwing, pg.420, HarperCollins Publishers. Language-G, Sexual Content- G, Violence- PG. On small island not far from the mainland, Dusk, a newborn Chiropter, strugles to fit in with the colony because he his different. On the mainland Carnassial, A Felid, is an honored Suarian hunter until he breaks the pact by eating other beasts. When he is thrown out of his prowl because of his new craving for meat, several other Felids join him. I really liked the adventure in this book and wood gladly read it again. I didn’t get the point of Carnassial until Dusks and Carnassials paths cross. I would be glad to have this as a new addition to my personal library. Ms, HS- ESSENTAIL. Student Reviewer- MP


Oppel, Kenneth Firewing – Next in Oppel’s series about bats. Griffin is the child of the heroes in Silverwing and Sunwing and has a lot to prove. ADVISABLE. Cindy, Library Teacher


Orenstein, Denise Gosliner The Secret Twin, 387 p. HarperCollins – Language: PG, Sexual Content: G, Violence: PG – Noah’s grandmother just got a face lift and because of her age, it was actually threatening to her health. A nurse from the hospital has come to take care of his grandmother, and this strange boy while the recuperation process takes place. The appearance of Nurse Grace and the unraveling of a great secret changes Noah’s outlook and life more than either of them could have expected. This book was totally out of the ordinary and unlike anything I’ve ever read before. That aspect kept me interested in what was happening and looked at real happenings of the world with a metaphorical uniqueness that is not often found these days. MS, HS – OPTIONAL. Student Reviewer: KH


Orgel, Doris. Doctor All-Knowing, illustrated by Alexandra Boiger. Atheneum , 2008. PICTURE BOOK – Language G, Sexual Content G, Violence G – This retelling of a little known Grimm folktale is quite faithful to the original. A peasant called Crayfish, desperate to provide enough food for his scrawny daughter, sets himself up as Dr. All-Knowing and is soon called upon to find a thief. Through a series of silly misunderstandings he is successful and everyone lives happily ever after. Boiger creates wonderfully expressive watercolor characters that convey a sense of old Europe. EL – ADVISABLE. Janell Pearce-Mattheus, Youth Services Librarian, Whitmore Library.


Orlev, Uri Run, Boy, Run 183 p. – Follow 8 year old Srulik Frydman as he tries to survive in the Polish countryside as a small Jewish boy during the Nazi occupation and terror. This book would be unbelievable with its many close calls, horror and daring escapes, except that the author based the entire thing on the true story of one tenacious little boy. I love Orlev’s books. MS – ESSENTIAL. . Cindy, Library Teacher


Owen, James A. Here, There Be Dragons, 324 p. – Language: G; Sexual Content G; Violence: PG (war) – This book, Here, There Be Dragons, is a very good book. There is a man named John that finds out that he is the Caretaker for the Imaginarium Geographica. He must save our world and the other. It is kind of hard to get into but once you get into it you can’t stop.. MS – ADVISABLE Student Reviewer: KC

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