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Reading Ladders

At South Jordan Middle we read A LOT. In order to help my students choose books well, I have created many lists of books I love – all separated by subject and arranged from the easier reading levels to the hardest.

Follow the links below to learn more about each list and see the books I recommend. Because these are specifically for SJMS, I have included the CALL NUMBER for each book and the author’s names or series name.

Crowns and Thrones Have Quest, Will Travel Schooled in Magic
Faerie Court Knights in Shining Armor Swords and Sorcery
Fairy-ly Twisted Magic Between the Pages Touched with Magic
Firebreathers and Friends Myth Worlds Warrior’s Heart
Gates to Magical Places Once Upon A Time Worlds of Wonder
Aliens Among Us Avengers and Villains Gears and Gadgets
Apocalypse Now-ish Big Brother is Watching Space: The Final Frontier
Gamers Unite
Brewing Up Trouble Dangerous Kiss Night has Bite
Bump in the Night Darkness Creeping Tales from the Crypt
Cast a Spell
Candle in the Dark Old Fashioned Girls Sticking the Trick
Chasing Normal Pack Your Bags Take a Hike
Kiss Me, You Fool Stand By Me Tickle My Funny Bone
Nothing But Net
Can You Keep a Secret? One False Move Show Must Go On
Family Ties School Daze Undaunted
Get Off My Back
Crack the Code Intrigue and Espionage Spy Games
Sleuths in Sneakers
Circle the Wagons Lest We Forget RWB War is
Flappers and Doughboys Natives and Immigrants War is ****
History’s Lessons Red, White and Blue We Shall Overcome
Man’s Best Friends
1000 Words Bang Your Head Mysteries of the Universe
Amber Waves of Grain Earth’s Best Pleased to Meet You
Analyze This Hoopsters and Sluggers Semper Fi
Armchair Globetrotting Marching to the Mountaintop True Tales
Ashes and Smoke Most Dangerous Game Women Warriors
You Have Been Warned
Get Graphic – Real Get Graphic – Fantasy
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