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Science 7 Core


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Science Department

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The seventh grade SEEd standards look for relationships of cause and effect which enable students to pinpoint mechanisms of nature and allow them to make predictions. Students will explore how forces can cause changes in motion and are responsible for the transfer of energy and the cycling of matter. This takes place within and between a wide variety of systems, from simple, short-term forces on individual objects to the deep, long-term forces that shape our planet. In turn, Earth’s environments provide the conditions for life as we know it. Organisms survive and reproduce only to the extent that their own mechanisms and adaptations allow. Evidence for the evolutionary histories of life on Earth is provided through the fossil record, similarities in the various structures among species, organism development, and genetic similarities across all organisms. Additionally, mechanisms shaping Earth are understood as forces affecting the cycling of Earth’s materials. Questions about cause and effect and the ongoing search for evidence in science, or science’s ongoing search for evidence, drive this storyline.

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