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SOJO - Fab 40 Challenge

You have one year to read 40 books. Can you do it?

Earn prizes along the way. Read about new people and places. Gain a sense of satisfaction and pride for a job well done.

The Details


  1. Books must be from a variety of genres (see below)
  2. Books must be at least 150 pgs ( unless approved by teacher)
    1. Graphic Novels , Poetry Based, Plays, Non-fiction can be 80 pgs
    2. Seeing a play can count as reading it!

The Genres

  • Your choice: 10 books
  • Fantasy: 3 books
  • Science Fiction: 3 books
  • Realistic Fiction: 3 books
  • Classics: 3 books
  • Mystery: 2 books
  • Historical Fiction: 3 books
  • Graphic Novels: 2 books
  • Poetry-based: 2 books
  • Plays: 1 book
  • Non-fiction: 3 books
  • Biography: 2 books
  • Folktales/Myth: 3 books

Keeping Track

Use BEANSTACK (an app on your phone and/or on the website) to keep track of what you’ve read. Along the way you might win a prize or be entered in a drawing! And at the end there is a luncheon and prize for all those who make the final goal.

Need Help Choosing Books?

Mrs. Mitchell, our librarian, has created many tools to help you find great books to read. In the library she has READING LADDERS which are lists of books by genres – ask her and she can help you find the lists you need. These lists are also available online through the link below. OR you can use Destiny Discover, the online library program and click through the books. Watch the video below to learn how to use these different tools!

Printable Information

Want to print out a checklist of your own? Click on this link for a PDF version for you to keep track with.

Ideas for Classics:

101 Books for the College Bound

Modern Children’s Classics (through 1980’s only)

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