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Action Plan Template (print)


The Action Plan Templates are meant to help you target, articulate, and plan personal and professional goals based on the areas of growth identified using the rubric.

It is recommended that you choose three different Indicators and fill out an Action Plan for each of them. The following steps will help you develop your action plan:

  1. Identify the Library Roles, the specific Standards and the Target Indicators that you will target during the current school year.
  1. Identify the UET (Utah Effective Teaching) Standard that corresponds with each Target Indicator or identify that there is no corresponding indicator.
  1. Articulate a specific goal to aid you in improving your skills each Target Indicator. Be as detailed as possible when expressing the goal.
  1. Specify the audience of your goal and a realistic time frame for completing the goal.
  1. Identify people and/or organizations whom you can approach or consult with in learning about and achieving the goal.
  1. Pinpoint any materials you made need to finish your goal. Materials can be actual purchase which need to be made, training opportunities which you need to pursue, or other materials. Be specific.
  1. Break your goal into manageable steps. You may need less or more than the three steps provided. What is important is to plan out a successful route to the goal.

8.  Recruit a critical partner for your journey. This may be anyone who can help you be accountable for reaching your goal, whether a trusted supervisor, a colleague, or a friend. What matters is that you have someone to help hold you accountable and to encourage you along your path.

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