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Science 8 – Standard 2


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Strand 8.2: Energy is stored and transferred in physical systems 

Objects can store and transfer energy within systems. Energy can be transferred between objects, which involves changes in the object’s energy. There is a direct relationship between an object’s energy, mass, and velocity. Energy can travel in waves and may be harnessed to transmit information.

  1. Use computational thinking to analyze data about the relationship between the mass and speed of objects and the relative amount of kinetic energy of the objects.
  2. Ask questions about how the amount of potential energy varies as distance within the system changes. Plan and conduct an investigation to answer a question about potential energy.
  3. Engage in argument to identify the strongest evidence that supports the claim that the kinetic energy of an object changes as energy is transferred to or from the object.
  4. Use computational thinking to describe a simple model for waves that shows the pattern of wave amplitude being related to wave energy.
  5. Develop and use a model to describe the structure of waves and how they are reflected, absorbed, or transmitted through various materials. Emphasize both light and mechanical waves.
  6. Obtain and evaluate information to communicate the claim that the structure of digital signals are a more reliable way to store or transmit information than analog signals.

LIGHTBOX: Energy and Matter LB 530 JAC

LIGHTBOX: Earthquakes LB 551.2 NAU

LIGHTBOX: Forces and Motion LB 531 EVA

LIGHTBOX: Light and Sound LB 534 TIT

LIGHTBOX: Matter, Energy and Heat – LB 530 TIT

LIGHTBOX: Mechanics LB 621 TIT

LIGHTBOX: Organisms LB 550 SIE

LIGHTBOX: Volcanoes LB 551.2 NAU

LIGHTBOX: Rocket LB 629.45 ROC


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